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  • Multiple measurement modes, including thickness, A-scan,B-scan, Min/max and differential indicator.
  • On-board data recorder, with a large capacity to store thickness readings and A-scan readings.
  • B-scan and MicroGrid attachments
  • Data can be organized in pre-set, custom or advanced file structures
  • Data transfer is by SD card or via USB port to PC.
  • Data can be transferred in various file formats to allow easy integration with user data management systems.
  • Single handed operation
  • Single-handed, menu-directed calibration process
  • Rated to an IP67

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Product Description

This device is capable and portable all in one package. Opt for the data recording version and scrap your notebook requirement. The DMS Go+ is a high performance thickness gauge providing accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data. The powerful integrated data management system allows for thickness readings to be easily logged in situ as you work.

The DMS Go+ thickness gauge that can be easily loaded as a combined DMS Go+ and USM Go+ (comprehensive flaw detector)


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