Portable Hardness Testing

Leeb Method – Newsonic Sonodur 3 with Sono L

Sonodur Full Range
Sonodur 3 with Leeb Probe

The Rebound Portable Hardness (Leeb Method) test is a quick, easy and mobile method of Hardness value determination on applications such as castings, forgings, larger automotive and locomotive parts of various metal composition. The device can suit thousands of applictaiosn and metals and is accurate to  The default scale is Brinell (HB) but it can be converted easy using the Sonodur 3 unit to various other scales including Rockwell (HRC) and Vickers (HV). The NewSonic Sonodue 3 Sono-L directly replaces older portable devices such and GE MIC 10, GE MIC 20, GE TIV, Proceq 550 and Equotip Leeb D. It is also perfect device to use in conjunction with or instead of your existing benchtop Leeb Testing Instrument machine.  This an accurate wireless probe solution so no messy cables to break or interrupt your readings. One Sonodur 3 device for both Leeb and UCI methods.

Equipment is now available throughout the UK via our 3 locally trained Engineers. Digital demonstrations and remote support are also available at short notice. Call us on 01273 730006 or email admin@labquipndt.co.uk and we will be happy to help with your request

“Conversion to EN ISO 18265-2014, ASTM-E140-2013 and EPRI HV5/HV10-2020 Scales”

UCI Method – NewSonic Sonodur 3

NewSonic Sonodur 3
NewSonic Sonodur 3 – Portable hardness for accurate and repeatable material hardness.

From the GE MIC10 founders comes a new and improved instrument, Sonodur 3, for portable material hardness testing on metals with ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) method. This is typically used in production and maintenance applications. The SonoDur3 is continuously impressing with it’s accuracy and repeatability. The German made Newsonic SonoDur3 is a modern instrument which set the UCI standard and benchmark working with materials such as P91 grade steels with no adjustment needed.

The SonoDur3 meets all ASTM A 1038 and DIN 50159-1 and 2 standards and can convert readings to ASTM E 140-13 and EN ISO 18265 material tables. Working with all Hardness units typically Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell

Contact Labquip NDT sales for an onsite demonstration through the UK to see reliable portable harness testing.

Sonodur 3

Supporting Existing Customers and equipment

If you have an existing piece of equipment for repair or trade in, we can help. We a certified agent to repair GE MIC 10 and MIC 20 series and can offer aftermarket probes. Call us on 01273 730006 or email admin@labquipndt.co.uk and we will be happy to help with your request.