Film Digitizer

Film Digitizer

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GE Film Digitizers FS50B is designed to provide high-end performance in film digitizing, offering superior quality at high throughput. The steel housing gives the robustness needed for the industrial environment of NDT applications. All standard film formats can be digitized, up to a width of 14 inch (35 cm), without length limitation in any resolution between 50 μm and 500 μm. The FS50B is the first and only digitizer on the market that can handle the full density range (D = 0 up to 4.70 D) in one working range with the requested contrast sensitivity. This makes the scanner meet the requirements for class DS film digitizers, according to EN 14096 part 2. This classification has been evaluated and confirmed by BAM, the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing.

The system employs a HeNe laser beam, which sweeps across the film by a polygon mirror system. The F-Teta lens avoids distortions of the image, by keeping the optical distance of the laser beam unchanged at all spots of the scanned area. The logarithmic amplification process guarantees high signal to noise ratios up to 4.70 density (FS50B).

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