USM 100

USM 100

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The Krautkrämer USM 100 from Waygate Technologies


Product Description

The new standard in flaw detection!

Sleek, but rugged, the Krautkrämer USM 100 is a portable, highly versatile ultrasonic flaw detector with smartphone-like capabilities.

Designed ergonomically for unrivalled ease of use, it features a large touch screen and buttons that allow seamless ambidextrous operation.

Digital features include a best-in-class user interface that streamlines setup, training time and updates.

Despite the rugged durability that inspectors have come to know Krautkrämer equipment for; the USM 100 is incredibly lightweight at just over 1Kg and the quality hand strap make it comfortable to hold in the hand for long periods of time; far more so than many other touch screen UT sets currently available.

The touch screen is not hindered by having couplant smeared on the screen or by the user wearing gloves, as some touch screens can be.

Use the powerful Mentor App software to create your own Apps and improve your workflow.

Software and Apps can be downloaded easily, and inspection reports uploaded just as easily, via full wifi connectivity.

Not only can the USM100 replicate its display on your computer screen, it can also be controlled from your computer.  This is an outstanding and unique feature, helping you tutor new colleagues, both remotely and in group sessions, via online meetings.

With an Ingress Protection rating of IP67 and a Li-Ion battery that can be swapped out without switching the set off; the USM 100 really is the ‘work anywhere, work nonstop’ UT set that you need!

The Most User-Friendly UT set from Krautkrämer, so far!

The new user interface and touch screen operability mean that every setting or adjustment you could want to make are at the tip of your finger and thumb – no more hunting through pages of menus to adjust settings – it truly is revolutionary and quite possibly the easiest to use conventional UT set on the market!

The setup of the USM 100, including calibration and the creation of evaluation curves are all fully guided and made incredibly simple – no more hunting around for, and trying to hold onto the highest peak when you’re calibrating your angled probes – use the amazing ‘envelope’ feature and let the USM 100 do the hard work for you.

The USM 100 will capture all of the sound signals and calibrate at the touch of the button!

Watch the demonstration here.


The gate no longer needs to be a small bar on your screen…

One of the first features that customers identify and immediately appreciate when they approach the USM 100 are the large, easy to define and easy to position ‘box-type’ gates.

No more small lines that must be changed by typing numbers into menu settings.

Change the gate width, position, and threshold instantly with your fingertip.

Watch the video here

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