CRx Flex

CRx Flex

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  • Fewer Retakes High tolerance for varying exposure conditions and a greater freedom in the selection of the exposure dose.

  • Dose Reduction In many cases, imaging plates allow the visualization of all diagnostic information with only one exposure.

  • Long Lifetime Imaging plates are protected by an EBC (electron-beam-cured) topcoat. This results in plates with superb protection from mechanical wear and excellent chemical resistance.

  • Image Quality The composition of the imaging plate storage phosphor material ensures optimum performance. The material has high absorption efficiency, excellent homogeneity and short response time to ensure high sharpness and contrast.

Product Description

Reliability, Versatility and Performance in Harsh NDT Environments

The CRxFlex computed radiography scanner from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies combines flexibility, reliability, dynamic range and ease-of-use.

Designed specifically for applications in non-destructive testing, the CRxFlex is suitable for usage with both isotopes and X-ray sources. It is well suited for a broad range of applications in the aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and automotive industries.


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