Quality managers and NDT technicians can perform their fluorescent penetrants and magnetic particle inspections with confidence. Labino’s wide range of UV lights can perform MPI and LPI inspections either in-house or on the field at extremely tough environments. Some UV lights can be used in explosive atmospheres as well such as refineries, aerospace and military installations. Select UV lights comply with a ASTM E3022-18, ISO 3059-12, Rolls-Royce RRES 90061, AITM6-1001 as well as with several other PRIMES requirements.

Labino Standard MPXL
Labino Standard MPXL
Labino SuperXenon - MPXL
Labino SuperXenon – MPXL
GX Orion - Over Head - LED
GX Orion – Over Head – LED
BB 2.0 Series - LED
BB 2.0 Series – LED
MB 3.0 Series - LED
MB 3.0 Series – LED
Nano UV 375 - LED
Nano UV 375 – LED
Forensic Lighting - ALS
Forensic Lighting – ALS
UVG 2.0 Series - LED
UVG 2.0 Series – LED
Apollo 2.0 Light Meter
Apollo 2.0 Light Meter
White Lights & Torches
White Lights & Torches