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  • Up to 10 ultrasonic channels
  • Up to 20 kHz PRF
  • Aero version qualified to GE and RRAE specifications
  • Independent pulser and receiver for each channel
  • 20 Programmable cycles for multi-zone inspection
  • EchoMAX A-Scan display function
  • View up to 10 A-Scans at once
  • Available strip chart , C-Scan imaging, and TOFD weld inspection software
  • Interface gate synchronizing for surface following
  • Back-wall echo attenuator
  • Direct 3-axis encoder input
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • User configurable in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese

Product Description

The USIP40 is a precision, multi-channel inspection platform that can be configured as a remote ultrasonic unit, an integrated rack-mountable instrument, or as a portable battery-powered instrument. All USIP 40 versions take advantage of the same basic ultrasonic hardware, graphical user interface, and application specific software tools.

The USIP 40 delivers precision, multi-channel ultrasonic testing performance you can rely on. It is available with up to ten ultrasonic channels and comes in three different package options – a remote ultrasonic unit, an integrated rack-mount instrument, or a fully portable, battery-powered instrument. All of these versions utilize the same core electronic hardware and Graphical User Interface. When you combine its outstanding ultrasonic performance with optional application specific imaging and analysis tools, you can see that the USIP 40 is the ultimate solution for your current and future inspection needs.


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