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Rigid Borescopes


Rigid Borescopes

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  • Tip Articulation – This aids maneuverability and has a scanning capability which can provide a panoramic view of the area being inspected. Tip Articulation is controlled by a conveniently-located lever which operates the two-way articulating tips. Two concentric knobs are used on four-way systems. Both types have locking mechanisms to maintain a fixed articulation angle during inspection.

  • Eyepiece – The standard DIN eyepiece connects easily to a c-mount video camera system by way of a variable focus coupler. The ocular assembly incorporates a diopter focus adjustment to suit operators with varying eyesight characteristics.

  • Light Guide – A continuous high-efficiency fiber bundle maximizes light transmission from light source to scope tip. Various entrance adapters are available which enable the instrument to be used with a wide variety of light sources including those of other manufacturers.

  • Insertion Tube – A strong stainless steel monocoil provides protection from crushing forces, while a stainless steel or tungsten braid cover resists wear from sliding over rough and sharp surfaces. The Insertion Tube is made watertight with layers of PVC and soft urethanes. The flexible Insertion Tube adapts easily to curves and bends and can be maneuvered around corners and over obstacles, yet is torsionally stiff to allow it to be twisted for better access and positioning.

  • Interchangeable Tip Optics – These enable both forward-view and 90˚ side-view inspections with one fiberscope. The Tip optics are retained by a double screwthread which ensures that the tips are positively secured to the instrument. The forward-viewing tip headguard is standard and the 90˚ side-view Tip Optics are optional and diameter-specific.

Product Description

A large family of rugged, high performance inspection tools

A wide range of diameters, lengths and viewing options, combined with a highresolution image guide, make GE Measurement & Control Solutions flexible fiberscopes ideal for a variety of remote visual inspection applications. They excel in capturing bright, clear images from deep inside turbines, compressors, pipes, tanks and other hard-to-reach places.


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