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Rhythm Archive


Rhythm Archive

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Feature Summary

  • A totally DICONDE-based archival solution. Ensures that multi-modal inspection data will never become obsolete or inaccessible.
  • Easy to use. Simple tagging of information without elaborate naming conventions allows rapid filing and ease of data retrieval.
  • Simplified information sharing. Data can now be readily accessed from a single storage source by any number of remote interrogation sites.
  • Interfaces with a wide range cutting edge technology, long term data storage solutions. Allows operator to select long term storage equipment to meet particular present and future needs.
  • Provides foundation for data mining. Ready access to large volumes of data at one central storage point allows operators to compare inspections carried out at different times using different inspection modalities.
  • Robust and secure. Disaster-recovery plans are incorporated and built-in redundancy can be included to ensure constant data availability.
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Product Description

Rhythm Archive is an extremely efficient data management and storage solution, which allows ready and easy access to large volumes of inspection information. Images can be stored at a central location, in the industry standard: a DICONDE-compliant format. It accepts images from remote workstations, and stores these using various compression techniques to save storage space without sacrificing image quality. Input and retrieval of information is quick and easy, as a simple DICONDE tagging system eliminates the need for the complex image file naming conventions often associated with high volume information storage. Furthermore, Rhythm Archive not only stores the raw inspection data but also any enhanced images developed at the Rhythm workstation.

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