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  • Say goodbye to breaking cables, PocketMike has an Integrated 5MHz probe
  • 48 hours continuous use battery life
  • Light and portable it can be simply stored in your pocket or work belt
  • Rated to IP67
  • A clear high contrast backlit display for thickness readings in any environment or orientation
  • PocketMike can be used in any orientation including upside down
  • Easy 1 button Calibration to know wall thickness or material velocity.

Product Description

Our smallest yet very capable thickness gauge. The PocketMike is light, durable and portable. The PocketMike is a handheld corrosion and general purpose thickness gauge with an integrated 5 MHz probe for standard applications such as inspection of corrosion and pitting, boilers, tanks, pipes, and tubes. This entry level gauge is a good addition in every production maintenance toolbox.


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