Combustion Gas Analysis (CGA) is a primary method for verification of elemental analysis concentrations. The CGA technique is used in a wide range of modern manufacturing processes including Additive Manufacturing, Metal Processing, Casting Iron/Steel, Welding, Copper and Aluminium production. Bruker AXS and Labquip NDT have a range of solutions for your needs with UK based sales and service team covering England, Scotland and Wales. Click on your requirement below or contact us at with all queries and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Labquip NDT can support you with ongoing CGA, combustion or “LECO” test consumables. These are commonly used during the burn process and degrade overtime. Examples include Crucible cups, filters, Sodiumhydroxide (AKA EMASorb or LECOsorb), “Schütze” regant and Magnesiumperchlorate (AKA Anhydrone).  We can supply a full range of CGA consumables from our in house UK service dept that confirm to ISO 17034 and UKAS Accreditation.. – Please get in touch with your requirements